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life_drawing's Journal

Life Drawing
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community set up by artists, for artists.

Life Drawing is a communtiy which has been set up for people wishing to expressly post and share pictures of figures/nudes that have been painted/drawn in both traditional and new media ways.

We will accept sketches, painting, renderings, 3D graphics, CG images. We will NOT accept any image that has its basis in a photograph, unless that actual image has been manipulated by *hand* with sketchwork in some way. For instance, if you have a photograph and you have drawn upon it in some way *physically* - not using photoshop etc, then we will probably accept it. If you take a photograph, and photoshop it, it wont be accepted.

Only *tasteful* images will be accepted - soft erotica is fine, but no hard-core erotica (you know what I mean). If in doubt, ask the moderator . Hardcore erotica will be deleted.

* If you think your image is softcore erotica or that in it may be offensive to anyone even in the slightest (think of anyone under 18 or americans here *g* ) then please put it behind an lj-cut, and they can deem if they wish to view it or not).

Life Drawing as an activity predominately deals with nude and semi-nude drawings and artwork, and this is what the majority of images found here will be. We wish to create a vibrant community of artists who are able to display this work in a central place, as there are many art communities but none dealing in exactly this form of artwork.

If your images are overly large, then please use the lj-cut tag.

Please post ONLY your own artwork, or the artwork of an individual that you have the permission of. All of the work on this community is (c) by the respective artists.

Art is very subjective. Flaming and harrassment will not be tolerated. If you dont like something, say so, and move on - try giving constructive criticism as to why you dont like it also.

Hope you all enjoy the community...